Battery Park at Dusk

Statue of Liberty - New York Bay at DuskNew York Bay at DuskNew York Bay at DuskNew York BayBowling Green - New York City

I took these photos on Friday night, before I went into the NMAI to see the Native American Film Festival.  The day had been overcast but clear skies loomed on the horizon.   I love the copper roofs on the buildings in the photo above,  and the building behind the NMAI with its green windows really makes the verdigris copper pop.  The cloudy skies and the wet streets made the image complete.

Almost every time that I visit the NMAI, I have to stop off at Battery Park and get close to the water in the bay.  There was something magical about this evening.  The air was damp and chilly.

I am finishing up an article about the festival.  It really rocked my world.

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