Invitations for a Sweet 16

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes.  Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages as much as 25 years. ~ Unknown

Assorted Sweet 16 Party Invitations

For more than ten years, Ira’s Peripheral Visions has been privileged to serve thousands of families preparing for their daughters’ Sweet 16s.

Often times when parents called in to order their Sweet 16 Party Invitations with us, they were coping with the stress of planning the party, seeking advice about various aspects of the party, or looking for a sounding board just so that they could get their worries off their chests.  We always did what we could to engage them in conversation in hopes of better serving them.  As we did this, we received a thorough education in what goes in to planning a successful Sweet 16 party as well as why it’s crucial to always bear in mind the deeper meaning of family, community and coming of age.

We’ve covered this extensively on our blog and in our e-book, Expert Answers To Your Sweet 16 Questions.  Don’t begin planning your Sweet 16 until you’ve taken a look.

Sweet 16 Party Invitations

We strongly advocate celebrating a Sweet 16.  The occasion is so much more than luxuriating in the trappings of dressing up and partying and posing for the camera.  Like the Quinceanera in the Latino tradition, the Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish tradition, the Debutante Ball in high society, or any coming-of-age ritual, the Sweet 16 gives you an opportunity to present your Sweet 16 Girl to your friends and family as someone who is ready to take on some mantle of responsibility as a participant in her family and community. Childhood is slowly fading away and the woman within the Sweet 16 Girl is beginning to emerge.

Sweet 16 Party invitations

That’s a beautiful aspect of the celebration to keep in mind, especially as your teenage daughter’s imagination  is  running wild with  ideas  for  celebrating  the  big event.   As she dreams of her party and you begin to feel the stress of handling the details and expense, remind yourself  that her  transition  into womanhood has begun.  Imagine how wonderful it will be to have her friends and family come together to mark this milestone with her.

Be happy with your beautiful Sweet 16 Girl, be proud of how far she’s come, and  treasure  your  fondest dreams  of what she will contribute to society and where life will  take her from here.

Sweet 16 Party Invitations

You’re invited to visit our Sweet 16 Invitation Collection on line.  Coordinated Response Cards, Reception Cards, Thank You Cards and Place Cards are available for every style.  If you have any questions, or would like to receive a free sample, please contact Debbie.

Don’t laugh at a youth for her affectations; she is only trying on one face after another to find a face of her own. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

The best substitute for experience is being sixteen.  ~ Raymond Duncan


Sweet 16 Party Invitations

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