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Expert Answers To Your Sweet 16 Questions

Chapter Seven – The Sweet 16 Girl Gives Back – Parting Thoughts

    After the party winds down and the Sweet 16 Girl looks ahead to her future with great excitement, she’ll feel even better about herself if she takes on some mantle of responsibility at this moment, no matter how humble.

    Thank You Cards

    These are a must.  They must be sent out; the sooner the better.  The Sweet  16 Girl must  express  her  gratitude  to  her  guests  for  attending  her party and giving her gifts.  There is no excuse for overlooking this.

    You can hire a printer to customize your cards, you can purchase pack cards from a stationery store, or you can make your own at home.  Just be sure that you send them out.

    A printer can offer a printed sentiment inside your Thank You Card, but the Sweet 16 Girl must sign it by hand.  Ideally, she should write the entire sentiment by hand too.


    Some Sweet 16 Girls  return home on  the night of  their parties with thousands of dollars in gifts.  Now that this huge windfall has come her way, it may be a good  idea  for her  to consider  those who are  less  fortunate, or to stand up  for a cause  in which she believes.   A small percentage of  this money could be given to a worthy cause.

    Parting Thoughts

    A girl’s 16th Birthday is a very exciting moment in her life that will never come  around  again.    I’d  suggest  that  the  girl,  her  family  and  her  friends treasure it for everything that it’s worth.

    Too often, I speak to parents who are at their wits’ end from the stress of planning the party and sticking to the timetable of preparation.  Because I  am  a  stranger  to  them,  a  disembodied  voice  on  the  telephone  taking their order,  they  feel comfortable using me as a confessor.   They speak of financial  hardships,  impossible  teenagers,  pressure  from  ex-spouses  and the problems of being over scheduled and overwhelmed.

    I will  never  diminish  the  toll  that  these  problems  take  on  people.    I understand  that  it’s  real.   But  I’d urge everyone  involved with a Sweet 16 to  focus on  the best of what  it will bring.    It’s a milestone, a  life  transition, the experience of a young girl finding her own voice and making her first contributions to society.  The party gives you the opportunity to come together with those you love for a very happy occasion.

    If  you  lose  sight  of  happy  occasions,  life  becomes  just  a  little  bit drearier.

    I’d  advise  you  to  seize  this  moment  of  happiness  and  enjoy  it completely.


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