Author: Ira Shapiro

Auto Post to Facebook

I have added a plugin called WordBooker to automatically upload posts from WordPress to our Facebook page. Hopefully they will appear on our IPV Studio wall.

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Before There Were Personal Computers

I started Ira’s Peripheral Visions back in the Stone Age, before the web or Google or IPhones. I started this web site to teach myself HTML and to play around with my computer. Over the years I learned about computers, printers, networks, endless software and computer languages. From Netobjects Fusion to Drupal to WordPress I […]

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Like A Train Speeding Down The Tracks

Years ago, Karen heard a rabbi say that Rosh Hashanah is like a train speeding down the tracks.  You can hear the rumble in the rails way before it arrives.  That’s when you’ve got to decide if you’re going to jump on board and observe the New Year or let it pass you by. It’s […]

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IPV Studio Update – UAreSoBeautiful

Today I worked on the UAreSoBeautiful section of Ira’s Peripheral Visions. This portion of the site includes African Violet Note Cards and the Adirondack Collection.   I updated a lot of thing to bring the pages into the 21st century.  Take a look.  Collection includes many beautiful images. Adirondack Collection

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