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Marketing for Dance Studios

I’ve had a life long love affair with dance, especially with ballet.  I’ve spent more than twenty-five years taking class at various studios around New York City, including American Ballet Theatre and Steps.  These days I also work behind the scenes for a couple of dance companies and I review dance concerts for Body Wrappers / Angelo Luzio.

We started working on marketing materials and theatre programs for the Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center back in 1999.  I was so happy to find a studio in Bay Ridge that was so strong in ballet, and all the work that I’ve done for VSPAC throughout the years has been a labor of love.  (It’s also been really touching to have had such a long relationship with the studio — some of the beautiful ballerinas pictured above were just little ones when I first met them.) (more…)

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Rosh Hashanah Is On The Way

It’s hard to believe it, but cool breezes are blowing here in New York City and customers have begun ordering their Jewish New Year cards.  If you and yours celebrate the holiday,  your friends and family will enjoy receiving a little note wishing them a sweet year. We have a large selection of cards for […]

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IPV Studio Summer Sale

Summer Sale – Free Download-and-Print Invitations

Note: Summer Sale extended through August 31, 2012 Have you seen our collection of Download-and-Print Invitations?  They make  beautiful announcements for any party, but they’re especially useful if you’re giving a party on short notice.  We also love it that we can deliver them to you without the use of packing materials and fuel guzzling […]

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New Party Invitations for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Party Invitations VPIT-04 from ipvstudio.comVPIT-04 Valentine's Day Party Invitation - Fill In by

Check out our cute new Valentine’s Day Party Invitations, available in custom and fill-in styles.  Invitations above are style VPIT-04, available on our website.  For further information, e-mail us or call toll free, 888.286.0365.

Below is style VPIT-05, also available in custom and fill-in styles (not shown). (more…)

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New Styles for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year CardRosh Hashanah Jewish New Year CardRosh Hashanah Jewish New Year Card

I couldn’t decide on which background worked the best, so we’re making these new cards available with three different backgrounds.  The style number is JNY-00-32 and they’ll be available on our Jewish New Year page a soon as it’s updated for 2011, which should be any day.  If you need any further information about the cards, feel free to contact me. (more…)

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Invitations for a New York City Theme Party

One belongs to New York instantly.  One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” — Thomas Wolfe

Every person on the streets of New York is a type. The city is one big theater where everyone is on display.” — Jerry Rubin

New York is a city with so much going on that if you mentioned it to a dozen different people, a dozen different images would form in their imaginations. To so many, it means Broadway shows and Times Square. To others, it’s all about the culture, the museums, the galleries, the symphony, the opera and the ballet at Lincoln Center. Some see it as the ultimate party city, the city that never sleeps, where you can dance the night away in a chic club. To others, it’s about the architecture, from the skyscrapers which make up the skyline to the brownstones and row houses which line the side streets. Or landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

New York Theme Party Invitations (more…)

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International Mother Earth Day

Mural from the East Village – Chico and Joel Every day is Mother Earth Day at IPV Studio. There is no way to throw things out, because there is no “out” to throw them.  Indigenous cultures made all their decisions with the next seven generations in mind.  At IPV Studio, we do what we can […]

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Tips For Planning A Surprise Party

“That’s how life is.  Full of surprises!” – Isaac Bashevis Singer When planning a Surprise Party, your highest priority is to make sure that your Guest of Honor doesn’t find out about the party ahead of time.  Let us offer you a few tips when it comes to creating your Invitations and planning your party. […]

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Cruise Party Invitations

Are you planning a party on board a yacht or a cruise ship? “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. […]

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Easter and Passover are on the Way

This season brings so many beautiful occasions for gathering, celebrating and commemorating. The First Seder of Passover begins on the evening of April 18th.  Easter Sunday falls on April 24th. As you plan your Easter Dinner or Passover Seder, invite your guests by sending them one of our Fill In Invitations. Our Invitations are sold […]

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