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Sweet 16 Series 03a – Guest List and Invitations

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Sweet 16 Invitations

After you’ve established your budget, you’ll be able to come up with an idea of how many guests you’re going to invite.

How big is your budget?

What are prepared to spend per guest?

If the first draft of your guest list comes up to be  much longer than your budget will allow, I’d advise that you do what you can to maintain the larger guest list, while stepping down the price per guest.  Most of your guests will be happy just to be attending the party, and they may never even notice where you’ve economized.  This is preferable to having a party for a few select guests who are going to be lavished with an expensive meal and luxurious favors that they may never even appreciate.  I have said it throughout the booklet, but it bears repeating.  Life will send every one of us more than our fill of sad or troubling events.  If you are planning a Sweet 16, your family is looking forward to a very happy milestone.  I feel that it’s important and very rewarding to share the happiness of this moment with as many people as your budget will allow. (more…)

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Sweet 16 With A Bollywood Theme

We created this set of Custom Invitations for a young lady who was having a Sweet 16 with a Bollywood Theme.   The girl is a dancer, so her mother hired a choreographer to put together a Bollywood dance routine, which she and her friends performed at the party.  Clever! They gave us fabulous photos to […]

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Sweet 16 Series 02b – Budget and Theme

Sweet 16

This article is continued from the previous entry.

Formal Dinner or Buffet?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering a buffet at a Sweet 16. Just make sure that your guests leave their tables to serve themselves in an orderly fashion.  You want to avoid having one hundred guests standing in a long line all at once.  You might like to have your MC or DJ announce, “Tables 2 and 8, please join us at the buffet!” or something like that.

The Invitations:

You can call printers in your area and arrange an appointment to view their catalogs.  Many printers will offer you samples, and it’s a good idea to hold on to these so that you can compare them and make a good decision about which one you’ll choose.

Alternately, you can search for Invitations on line.  I’d highly recommend that you view our catalog at Sweet 16 Invitations.   We’ve been happily serving Sweet 16 Girls and their families since 2000. (more…)

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Sweet 16 Series 02a – Budget and Theme

Sweet 16

Planning Ahead: Setting a Budget and Choosing a Theme

It should go without saying: The more time that you leave for yourself to plan the party, the easier it will be on you and the Sweet 16 Girl as the big day approaches.

I’d  recommend  that  as  early  as  a  year  and  a  half  before  the  girl’s 16th birthday, you begin  to consider your budget and options.  I’d advise against making  any purchases or putting down  any deposits  at  this time, because a lot can change in a year and a half.  But you’ll stand a better chance of making the best decisions if you’re not feeling pressured by the calendar. (more…)

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Sweet 16 Series – Part 01

For more than ten years, IPV Studio has been privileged to serve thousands of families preparing for their daughters’ Sweet 16s.  Often times when parents called in to order their Sweet 16 Party Invitations with us, they were coping with the stress of planning the party, seeking advice about various aspects of the party, or […]

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