Sweet 16 Series 03a – Guest List and Invitations

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Sweet 16 Invitations

After you’ve established your budget, you’ll be able to come up with an idea of how many guests you’re going to invite.

How big is your budget?

What are prepared to spend per guest?

If the first draft of your guest list comes up to be  much longer than your budget will allow, I’d advise that you do what you can to maintain the larger guest list, while stepping down the price per guest.  Most of your guests will be happy just to be attending the party, and they may never even notice where you’ve economized.  This is preferable to having a party for a few select guests who are going to be lavished with an expensive meal and luxurious favors that they may never even appreciate.  I have said it throughout the booklet, but it bears repeating.  Life will send every one of us more than our fill of sad or troubling events.  If you are planning a Sweet 16, your family is looking forward to a very happy milestone.  I feel that it’s important and very rewarding to share the happiness of this moment with as many people as your budget will allow.

I believe that it’s best to have one big party with teens, family, guests, and children together.  Middle aged and elderly guests may complain about the  noise  and  antics  of the teenagers,  but  I’m  sure  that  they’d  be  thrilled  to see  the Sweet 16  girl  in  her gown,  and  to  see  her  celebrating with  all  of her  friends, and  to experience  the electricity  in  the room.   Most halls have lounges or outdoor spaces where adult guests may be able to retreat if the excitement becomes overwhelming.  I feel that these are better options to offer, rather than hosting a separate subdued “adults only” party.

Make sure that the party is structured to accommodate all your guests. Because it is a party commemorating an event in a teenage life, the activities should favor the teenagers.  But be courteous of the adults and elderly, who may be sensitive  to  loud music.   And  it’s always a good  idea  to keep  the youngest guests entertained with games on the dance floor, like “Steal the Bacon”  or  “Coke  and Pepsi”.   They may  also  enjoy  being  given  coloring books and small boxes of crayons with which they can pass the time.

The Two Tiered Guest List:

A two tiered guest list contains a top tier of “first choice” guests who will receive the first round of invitations, and a second tier of possible guests to invite should too many from the top tier decline the invitation.

Regarding having this type of a guest list, my advice is this: Don’t do it. I am no etiquette expert, but based upon personal experience, I can assure you  that guests who find  themselves on  the second  tier can’t help but  feel insulted.   No one wants  to  feel  that  they were your second choice.  Either you invite a guest or you don’t.  I’d advise against creating a hierarchy on your invitation list.

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