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Graduation Party Invitations from Ira’s Peripheral Visions

Graduation Party InvitationWe offer a unique line of Graduation Party Invitations. We will customize the text specifically for your special occasion. Choose from the designs shown below or you may choose any design from our other collections. The Basic Invitation Package includes personalized invitations and envelopes printed with your return address

We also offer other Graduation Party Invitation Packages including personalized invitation, coordinated response card and envelopes.  We will personalize and address all envelopes.

You will have the opportunity to view an online proof before we go to print.
Coordinated reception cards, map details, direction cards, programs, pamphlets and thank you cards are also available.  Call toll free 888-286-0365 for further information.

See sample Graduation Party Invitation VersesWording
See sample Graduation Party Thank You Card VersesWording

When you place your order, please have the following information ready.

Sample Graduation Party Invitation Verses, Wording
1 Please be our guest as we celebrate the Graduation of (graduate’s name)
2. Celebrate . . . (graduate’s name)’s  Graduation
3. The joy of your company is requested as we celebrate the Graduation of (graduate’s name)
4. On this special occasion of (graduate’s name) Graduation, he/she would love for you to join him/her in celebration.
 5. It’s hard to believe it . . . but (graduate’s name) is going to Graduate!
6. (Name of party venue) will be the scene
To celebrate (Graduate’s Name) Graduation
(Party Date) is the date
The party starts at (Party Time) so don’t be late
Your presence is crucial, so RSVP
By returning your response card ASAP
7. (Parents’ Names)
Invite you to celebrate at a Grand Ball
In honor of their son/daughter
(Graduate’s Name) Graduation
8. (Parents’ Names)
request the pleasure of your company
as they celebrate the Graduation
of their son/daughter
(Graduate’s Name)
Choose one of our verses or compose one of your own!
Graduation Party –  Thank You Card Sample Verses, Wording
1. Thank you for the wonderful gift.
2. It was wonderful of you to share my Special Day with me.   Thank you for
your good thoughts, your generous gift and for being there.  It means the
world to me that you care.
3. Thank You for joining me
On my special day.
Your generosity and thoughtfulness
were very much appreciated.
4. This brings sincere thanks
For the lovely gift you sent,
I wish to tell you
Just how much it meant.
5. You brought joy to my special day
Thank you for your thoughtful gift.
6. Of all the gifts,
Love is the best.
7. I am so happy that you were able to share my day with me
Either by being there or remembering with your generosity.
Thank you so much for being part of my celebration!
8. One thank you for the gift,
And another for the thought.
A dozen thank yous couldn’t tell you
All the happiness they brought.
Choose one of our verses or compose one of your own!
When you place your order, please have the following information ready.
1. The style number of the card
2. Your choice of verse
3. Name of person(s) being honored.
4. Name of celebration and complete address of venue.
5. Date and time of your event.
6. Host signature, if you choose to use one.
7. Your R.S.V.P. date and information.  If you are ordering response cards, we will print the addressee’s name on the label at no extra charge.  If the cards will be returned to someone other than yourself, please have that person’s name and address ready.  Please decide if you want the addressee’s name to be that of an individual or a family.
 If your caterer needs totals on various entrees in advance of the party, and you want to place the selection of entrees on your response card, please have the selection ready.  It’s best to use the caterer’s exact names for the entrees, so that your guests will have a good idea of what they’re ordering.  If there is a separate children’s menu that’s already been selected, you might want to make that clear.
8. The return address as it will appear on the back flap of the main envelope.
9. Your payment information.  Please have your credit card ready.
10. If you require a rush job, please let us know this up front.  Our standard turn around time is ten business days from approval of on line proof till shipping from our NYC headquarters.  West Coast customers may choose from standard ground, 3 day air, 2 day air, or overnight shipping.  We ship via USPS, UPS, or Fedex, selecting the best method for each individual order.
11. If you’re selecting a font that’s different from what’s shown on our page, please have its name ready.  We can accommodate you where most standard fonts are concerned.  If we can’t get an exact match, we will show you close matches.  Please specify the color that you want your text to be.
12. If you are writing your own verse, please send it via e-mail.  This will eliminate any problems or typos that may arise while transcribing.  However, it’s not mandatory that you send it by e-mail.  If you prefer, you can telephone us and recite the verse for Debbie to transcribe.
13. We can accommodate most foreign languages that are based on the Roman alphabet. However, it will be the customer’s responsibility to proof read all foreign language text and make sure that it’s correct.  We can transcribe letters and words, but we are not fluent in foreign languages, so we must be sure that the customer can proof read the foreign language texts.
 For non-Roman alphabets, if the customer can fax us the type-set text, or e-mail it as an attachment, chances are good that we can use it on the card as an image.
 There will be a surcharge for any long verse written in any foreign language using a non-Roman alphabet.
14. Special for parents of parties with teenagers:
 Parties with youngsters sometimes present unique circumstances.  Because the invitations are being received and read by young teenagers, who may not yet be familiar with party etiquette, sometimes its best to make your intention absolutely clear when formulating your invitation text.
 Please consider if you want to stipulate the following:
 a. That your party begins and ends at a specific time, and is not an all night affair.
 b. If you expect your guests to conform to a certain type of dress, it’s best to say so.  Suggestions: Formal, Semi-Formal, Casual Chic, etc.  If you expect the boys attending the party to wear ties, it’s best to make clear that the party is Formal dress.  If you’re having a themed party and you want your guests to dress accordingly, you might want to spell this out too.  Suggestions: Hawaiian shirts for a luau.
  If necessary, you can break up your order so that some of the cards specifically instruct the teens not to wear Do Rags, Jeans, Sneakers, Bandanas, Belly Shirts, etc.  This can be worded politely and tactfully.  Those invitations can go to the teens, and an invitation with different text can go to your family and friends.  Provided that the differences in text are minimal, there will be no extra charge for breaking up the order like this.
 c. If a teen hasn’t attended many Parties, he/she might not understand that the invitation is intended for him/her alone.  We have had customers report unfortunate incidents in which one invited guest arrived at the party with five uninvited friends in tow.  When the host is paying in excess of $50 per head for the affair, and a few guests do that, your expenses can spiral out of control quickly.   To prevent such an incident from happening at your party, you may consider adding the text: Attendance by Invitation Only.
 d. If the party is inappropriate for young children, you may want to make it clear that there’s a baseline age for attendance, and that the party isn’t suitable for younger siblings.
 e. Are you concerned about your guests arriving late?  Is your Graduate going to launch the affair by making dedications, and do you want to be sure that your guests have arrived in time to hear them?  You might want to add this text:
    Please make this a special day for [Graduate’s Name] by arriving on time for hjs/her dedications.
15. Finally, and we can’t say this often enough:
 If you come to us at the last minute, with less than a month remaining to your affair, we will do whatever we can to help you.  We do accept rush jobs (except in December) at an additional fee, and you can opt for Fedex overnight shipping.  However, it is always best to allow yourself breathing room when ordering invitations.  It will reduce the wear and tear on the host, and help you to better enjoy the anticipation of your party, if the invitations are in your hands eight weeks before the party date.
 We find that the best rule of thumb is to have the invitations in the mail eight weeks before the party is scheduled.  Two weeks before the party, you should have received all of the R.S.V.P. cards or calls.  If you stick to that guideline, it will ease your journey through your preparations for your big event.

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