About UAreSoBeautiful

About UAreSoBeautiful
New York, New York     July 16, 2001

A collector of African Violets, Charli Yandolino has raised over a hundred of them in her Upper West Side Manhattan home.  Now her stunning photographs of her own African Violets are available on a new line of note cards.

The beautiful images will delight your eyes and soothe your soul.  The full color cards are ideal for personal notes on any occasion.   A standard set of 10 blank note cards and envelopes are packaged in a clear vinyl box, which would make a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates beauty.  You can choose a set of cards with only one image, or you can order an assortment from the images seen in our ad or on our web site.  UAreSoBeautiful will be happy to imprint personal notes and customize the cards and envelopes for an event, an organization or a person.

 “When I bought my first African Violet,” reflected Charli Yandolino, founder of UAreSoBeautiful, “it just made me so happy.  All I had to do was look at it, and it brought me pleasure.  I began buying more and more African Violets.  I found that when I was feeling blue, I’d look at the flowers and they’d just change my mood.  Before I knew it, I’d feel delighted again.  Pretty soon I had over one hundred plants in my home.  They dazzled me so that I began photographing them.  I met with Ira’s Peripheral Visions, a greeting card company.  They shared my enthusiasm for the images and they printed my photographs on greeting cards.  I was thrilled with the results.  I sent the cards to everyone I knew.  I wanted to share them with all of my friends and family.  I was doubly rewarded when my friends called and wrote back, exclaiming about how beautiful the cards were.  Naming my company UAreSoBeautiful was a natural.”

For additional information about UAreSoBeautiful or an interview with Charli Yandolino, contact us.


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