International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth DayMural from the East Village – Chico and Joel

Every day is Mother Earth Day at IPV Studio.

There is no way to throw things out, because there is no “out” to throw them.  Indigenous cultures made all their decisions with the next seven generations in mind.  At IPV Studio, we do what we can to incorporate this concept in to all decisions regarding our purchases, inventory and consumables.

Throughout the years, we’ve been able to cut way back on our use of paper, and to recycle our leftover paper by donating it to other local businesses in the neighborhood, or putting it together into pads.  At the end of their lives, all of our empty printer cartridges are returned for recycling by the vendors who sold them to us.

We purchase all of our paper exclusively from Mohawk Fine Paper, who have demonstrated a commitment to the environment which surpasses the most rigorous standards.  They support and promote the efforts of the Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance, and other environmental organizations that are fighting deforestation and illegal logging.  They are a national leader in the support of emission–free wind energy.  They continue to increase their content of postconsumer fiber.

Most civilizations of the world, for most of human history have seen the world in terms of relatedness and connection.  And if there’s one thing the Rights of Mother Earth is waking us to it’s that we’re all connected.”
Vandana Shiva on Democracy Now

Plurinational State of Bolivia’s Law of the Rights of Mother Earth
– translated to English

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