June Anniversaries

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.” – Bern Williams

Even though winter still has us firmly in its grip here in New York City, our thoughts have already turned to spring and early summer. There are always so many occasions to celebrate in June from Graduations to Weddings. Those who were married in June in previous years are preparing to mark their Anniversaries. Is there a couple in your family who is about to celebrate a milestone anniversary? Their tenth, their twenty-fifth, or maybe their fiftieth?

Anniversary Party Invitations with Photos

We’ve had the privilege of serving over one thousand couples by providing Invitations for parties marking their Anniversaries. Our most popular designs feature the couple’s wedding photo. These invitations always get a huge reaction from invited guests, both those who knew the couple when, and those new friends who will be surprised to see how the couple looked years ago. It’s also lots of fun to recall the styles from past eras.

Anniversary Party Invitations with Photos

We also have elegant designs available in colors to match the anniversary, such as gold for the fiftieth and ruby for the fortieth. Or you can choose to have the frame or type printed in colors to match the color scheme of your party.

40th Ruby Anniversary Party Invitations

Will any of your friends or family members be celebrating a milestone of their own this June? Here’s a gentle reminder that this is the time to be planning the party and considering which Invitations to send. For an Anniversary Party, we suggest sending out your Invitations two months before the date of the party.

Are you planning your first party and feeling overwhelmed about how to word the Invitation? Are there special considerations within the family? Give us a call to place your order and ask for Debbie. She’s put together the design and wording of thousands of custom Invitations.  Chances are, she’ll know just the right thing to say.

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