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Download Chanukah/Hanukkah Card
Cover of Chanukah Card, with a greeting printed inside.

Chanukah is only a month away.

That’s kind of hard to believe.  Here in New York City, we were still walking around in short sleeves a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday was Halloween and as I walked the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn,  autumn filled my senses.   I lost myself to the crisp air and the yellow, orange and brown leaves on the trees, as well as those crunching under my feet.

Then I came to work this morning and was reminded that I’d put together a small line of Chanukah Party Invitations last year that somehow never made their way on to the web site.  Ira and I looked over the files and decided we’d offer them as downloads.  The first night of Chanukah falls on Wednesday, December 1st this year, which doesn’t leave much time to make preparations if you’re considering hosting a party to celebrate Chanukah, or if you’re considering sending someone a greeting at Chanukah.

So once the Invitations and Note Cards go up on line, you’ll be able to download them instantly, plug in your own information and print up as few or as many as you’ll need.

I’ll post the links as soon as I receive them.  For now, here are a few samples of what will be going up at IPV Studio within the next few days.

Download Chanukah Party Invitations
This is the cover of an A2 bi-fold Invitation.
Download Chanukah Party Invitation
The inside of the card looks like this. You can write in your own text by hand.
Download Chanukah Party Invitation
Or if you prefer, you can choose this version and type in your own text.

When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, we spelled Chanukah just like this.  Somewhere along the line, it turned in to Hanukkah.  This has never looked right to me.  It looks too Anglicized.  I guess I’m too old school to give up my childhood spelling.  Chanukah.

If you choose the Flat Invitation and you need some help, remember that we have a tutorial here.  Every download comes with its own Instruction Sheet, but if you have any questions, comments or requests, please leave them in the Comments section and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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