Free Download – Family Reunion Letter Template

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use this free download and customize it for your own Family Reunion.  Then you can print your own Invitations.

Family Reunion Letter 04

You can receive this free download by visiting this link.

My demonstration is done using Fox It Reader.  If you are using Adobe Acrobat, the steps are similar.


1. When you open the file you will see a yellow horizontal bar directly above the image, informing you that the document contains interactive form fields (which is where you’re going to type in your own wording).


2. On the right-hand side of the yellow bar, click the box next to the words “Highlight fields”, so that a check mark appears in the box.


3. This will make all the fields in which you’re going to enter your information turn yellow.  In Abode Acrobat and other Readers, the fields may turn blue.


4.  Select the hand icon.


5.  Now you can go through the fields, one at a time, and begin to insert your own information.  Begin by moving your cursor to the third line and adding the name of the hometown where the Reunion will be held.


6.  After adding the name of your hometown, click the yellow field above the word “Reunion” and add your family’s name.


7.  Then you can move on to add the day, date and time of your event in the next yellow field.


8.  When you have added all of your information, return to the box that says “Highlight fields” and click it so that it’s no longer checked.


9.  Now you have a finished Family Reunion Letter with all of your own information included.  Now you can print up the letters and send them out to your family and friends.  Make sure to do a test print first before you print all of your letters.

This free download is available only for our readers’ personal use and should not be resold.

If you have any problems with the letter or the tutorial, or if you have any requests for future downloads, please let us know by leaving your remarks in the Comments section.

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