Sweet 16 Series 03a – Guest List and Invitations

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Sweet 16 Invitations

After you’ve established your budget, you’ll be able to come up with an idea of how many guests you’re going to invite.

How big is your budget?

What are prepared to spend per guest?

If the first draft of your guest list comes up to be  much longer than your budget will allow, I’d advise that you do what you can to maintain the larger guest list, while stepping down the price per guest.  Most of your guests will be happy just to be attending the party, and they may never even notice where you’ve economized.  This is preferable to having a party for a few select guests who are going to be lavished with an expensive meal and luxurious favors that they may never even appreciate.  I have said it throughout the booklet, but it bears repeating.  Life will send every one of us more than our fill of sad or troubling events.  If you are planning a Sweet 16, your family is looking forward to a very happy milestone.  I feel that it’s important and very rewarding to share the happiness of this moment with as many people as your budget will allow. (more…)

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Tips For Planning A Surprise Party

“That’s how life is.  Full of surprises!” – Isaac Bashevis Singer When planning a Surprise Party, your highest priority is to make sure that your Guest of Honor doesn’t find out about the party ahead of time.  Let us offer you a few tips when it comes to creating your Invitations and planning your party. […]

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Cruise Party Invitations

Are you planning a party on board a yacht or a cruise ship? “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. […]

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Sweet 16 With A Bollywood Theme

We created this set of Custom Invitations for a young lady who was having a Sweet 16 with a Bollywood Theme.   The girl is a dancer, so her mother hired a choreographer to put together a Bollywood dance routine, which she and her friends performed at the party.  Clever! They gave us fabulous photos to […]

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Easter and Passover are on the Way

This season brings so many beautiful occasions for gathering, celebrating and commemorating. The First Seder of Passover begins on the evening of April 18th.  Easter Sunday falls on April 24th. As you plan your Easter Dinner or Passover Seder, invite your guests by sending them one of our Fill In Invitations. Our Invitations are sold […]

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Hats Off to June Graduates

In May and June we’ll be honoring those who are graduating this year.  We have a beautiful selection of Invitations for Graduation Parties as well as designs for Graduation Thank You Cards, that you can send out to all those lovely people who wished your graduate well with a note, a gesture, or a gift. […]

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June Anniversaries

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.” – Bern Williams Even though winter still has us firmly in its grip here in New York City, our thoughts have already turned to spring and early summer. There are always so many occasions to celebrate in June from Graduations to […]

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Invitations for a Kid’s Birthday Party – Download and Print

We’re adding new designs to our store this weekend.   The designs shown below are Invitations to a Birthday Party for a toddler or pre-school child.  Designs are available for ages one through four in a variety of styles.  We will be adding additional styles later in the month, so feel free to bookmark this page […]

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Valentine’s Day Party Invitations For Number 10 Envelopes

New templates were added to the store today.  We love these Invitations which fit a standard business envelope.  Customizing and printing your own  couldn’t be easier.  Download them today and have them in the mail tonight. As with all of our Print Your Own designs, they’re available as Fill In Invitations or with Customizable Text. […]

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More Print Your Own – Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Here’s another style that we’re adding this week.  It’s available as a Custom Invitation and a Fill In Invitation. If you’re not interested in downloading and printing on your own, you can still order these Invitations from us.   We’ll customize the Invitation for your event and we’ll ship the cards to you. See our complete […]

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